Hong Kong’s bike-sharing company promotes the concept of “urban cycling green travel” by providing users with convenient, fast and affordable self-service bicycle rental services. By utilizing the mobile phone application, users can unlock it anytime and anywhere, thus meeting the public’s needs for short-distance travel and providing society with an additional low-carbon transportation option.

Whether you are going to work or to school, buying meals, for leisure or sports, LocoBike will help you get to your destination at any time, so that everyone can live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

What is Loco Bike?

You can ride a bicycle anytime, anywhere with LocoBike. It’s a shared bike brand in Hong Kong that offers easy and convenient 24-hour bicycle rental through the app. Our goal is to provide people with eco-friendly means of transportation for short distances, whether it’s going back to work or school, buying food, or fishing for fun. We hope that LocoBike can connect with society, stimulate the consumption of local leisure activities, and wait for everyone to be happier and interact more.

Low carbon travel

Reduce urban carbon emissions. Do your part to protect the environment

City walking

It’s better to ride a bike in traffic. Reduce traffic congestion together.

Community to explore

Go to every corner of the community. See a different landscape

Leisure sports

Incorporate sports into your life. Feel fresh and healthy every day