Enjoy Your Green Journey with LOCO

Locolla currently is the unique operator of shared-bike (called locobike) in HK. Locobike serves hk citizens by good quality shared-bike rental service since Oct 2017. By adopting IoT technology with in-house Clould-based IT system, a smart lock with BLE (Bluetooth low energy), GPS and M2M module are equipped in the locobike. The smart lock can communicate with the user-friendly locobike super app that can provide searching bike, bike unlock, weather info, transportation info, payment and other activities info.


To be the Global Green Mobility Service Provider to Co-build Green Smart Cities.

Loco Aims

Loco aims to provide the best technology and user-friendly Green mobility solution for last mile travelling. With the continuous growth of business, more customers subscribe to the service and reach over 330,000 users in early 2022. Loco also aims to be the Global Green Mobility Service Provider to Co-build Green Smart Cities.


loco is a green and convenient transportation choice to public through an IoT-supported shared-bike platform. Loco is a time & money saving method to get exercise while being eco friendly.

Low carbon travel

Reduce urban carbon emissions. Do your part to protect the environment

City walking

It’s better to ride a bike in traffic. Reduce traffic congestion together

Community to explore

Go to every corner of the community. See a different landscape

Leisure sports

Incorporate sports into your life. Feel fresh and healthy every day

Customer comment

“I started using locobike since 2019. At that moment, I had many choices and tried all available shared-bikes. Due to the stability of the app and quality of the locobike, finally I chose to ride locobike till now”