We are Passionate About Geofencing

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What is Geofencing?


Geofencing is a location-based service in which an app or other software program uses radio frequency identification (RFID), Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data to trigger a targeted marketing action (such as a text, email, social media advertisement, app notification) when a mobile device or RFID tag enters or exits a virtual geographic boundary, known as a geofence.

Main Benefits of Geofencing

Better Targeting

With the ability to hyper-target prospects you’ll not only be able to reach folks at the right time and at the right place but be able to engage them with messaging that is relevant and timely. 

By targeting folks in a specific geographic area, and filtering that area by specific targeting criteria, you’re much more likely to engage your prospects. Using the Sephora example above: a marketer would not send out the “lipstick” messaging to any Jane, Dick or Harry that walked by, rather would have targeted that ad to a specific demographic.

How does Geofencing perform in Loco? 

First and foremost, you’ll want to know—really know—your target demographic. Because this is highly targeted, location-based marketing, you’ll want to understand your customers thoroughly and use language that will appeal to them. A product or service advertisement in Brighton, New York, should feel different from an advertisement for that same product or service in Fulton, California.

Other relevant things

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Locolla launched first 200 locobikes in Tai Po and obtained 20k registered users within 3 months.


By adding 1300 more locobikes in February, 2018 and 1500 more locobikes in September, 2018, locolla offered a total of 3k locobikes in HK.


In January, 2019, number of register users reached 60k.


In January, 2020, number of register users reached 120k.


In July, 2021, locolla kicked start the digitalization of the operation and R&D project for locoLIFE app. In December, 2021, number of the registered users reached 300K


In January 2022, locobike signed as the only operator of the electric-assisted bike trial scheme between HKSTP and University Station. Then in August, 2022, CEDD launched the shared-bike in Central-Wan Chai waterfront which is operated by locobike. By end of November, 2022, the total locobike serving HK reaches 5,000+.